Location recipe: acknowledge visitors from other locations

Create a personalization targeted at locations you don't operate in - it's an elegant way to sort out website visitors you can't help.

If your business is bound to a certain location, you'll have to deal with visitors you can't cater to. Instead of leaving those visitors behind frustrated, use the opportunity to gather information about them. For example, make them sign up for your newsletter instead of asking them to schedule a meeting. Your sales team will be able to focus on relevant leads and you’ll collect valuable data.

Who can use this?

  • businesses with a physical location
  • businesses that offer in-person services
  • businesses that only operate in certain regions

How to set this up?

To give you a practical walkthrough, we'll use beGlammed as an example. It's a service that allows you to book appointments with hair stylists who will come right to your home. Their website attracts users from Europe and North America but the service is only available in the US. So, let's create a personalization for "visitors from other locations".


First, you need to create an audience for visitors from locations you don't operate in (="unserved" visitors).

location-based-personalization-unserved-audience In case of beGlammed, this audience equals anyone from outside the USA.


What you'll personalize about your website to make the messaging more relevant to visitors you can't cater to, strongly depends on your business. Typical use cases include replacing the main CTA with something more relevant (e.g. newsletter sign up), hiding the phone number of your sales team, and asking visitors to sign up for a waitlist. For beGlammed, we'll focus on the homepage where we'll change the headline and the main CTA.


The original website shows a “book an appointment” CTA to everyone. For visitors from locations where beGlammed doesn't operate this isn’t the best use of real estate. location-based-personalization-unserved-audience2 Click image to enlarge.

Personalization setup

To start, we create a personalization called "new header - unserved visitors". Next, we open the design editor. unserved-visitors-personalization-recipe7 Click image to enlarge.

New headline

To improve the messaging, we change the headline to “Welcome to beGlammed! Unfortunately, our service is not available at your location, but we’re constantly expanding.". location-based-personalization-unserved-audience3 Click image to enlarge.


We add a short signup form to collect email addresses (we prepared the HTML code for the signup form in advance). Lastly, we delete the CTA "book an apppointment". location-based-personalization-unserved-audience4 Click image to enlarge.


Now, visitors from locations beGlammed doesn't operate in, will see a different headline and CTA (newsletter sign up). unserved-visitors-personalization-recipe8 Click image to enlarge.


Let visitors know quickly whether you’re a good match for them. Nothing is more frustrating than having to search for information about location and availability. And it's not just beneficial to the website visitors. It also allows you to pursue secondary goals, for example, grow your email list and gather valuable information about potential, future customers.