Location recipe: tailored social proof

Use personalization to localize your testimonials or social proof - it's a great way to build trust and showcase your local success stories.

Social proof in the form of testimonials, reviews and trust icons helps customers make a decision and feel confident about their choice. So if you use social proof on your website (and you should), create localized versions of it. This will further increase trust and it's a subtle way to show off local success stories.

Who can use this?

  • businesses using social proof
  • businesses that operate in muliple countries
  • businesses that operate in muliple cities

How to set this up?

To give you a practical walkthrough, we'll use beGlammed as an example. It's a service where you can book appointments with hair stylists who will come right to your home. The business operates in several cities in the US but their core market is Los Angeles. So, let's create a "localized social proof" personalization for LA for them.


For beGlammed, we created an audience for LA. To figure out which locations you should choose, check (Google) Analytics and pick 2-3 cities (or countries) where most of your visitors come from. Next, create one audience for each location.

personalization-recipe-localized-social-proof1 For beGlammed, we created an audience for LA, the website's core audience.


Localizing social proof can mean many things - you could, for example, change logos in a logo gallery, display different customer success stories, swap out reviews, or change the "what the media says about us" section. For beGlammed, we'll focus on localizing the testimonials on the homepage.


On the original homepage of beGlammed, everyone sees the same testimonials, regardless of their location. It's a missed opportunity, considering that beGlammed has an entire page called "testimonials" dedicated to social proof. personalization-recipe-localized-social-proof2 Click image to enlarge.

Personalization setup

To start, we create a personalization called "testimonials - LA". Next, we open the design editor. personalization-recipe-localized-social-proof7 Click image to enlarge.

Swap out testimonials (1)

Using the editor, we replace the picture of the existing testimonial with a local one (which we copied from beglammed.com/testimonials). personalization-recipe-localized-social-proof3 Click image to enlarge.

Swap out testimonials (2)

Next, we replace the text and name (and repeat the process for the other testimonial). personalization-recipe-localized-social-proof6 Click image to enlarge.


Visitors from LA see three testimonials from local customers. personalization-recipe-localized-social-proof34 Click image to enlarge.


For any company that wants to position itself as close to their customers, localized social proof can be a great conversion booster. Depending on your business model, we recommend to localize by city, country, or region. So, are you ready to create some personalizations with local success stories?