Add urgency with Countdown Timers

Countdown add-ons are a great way to create a sense of urgency around your campaigns. Learn about best practices and how to set them up.

Smart add-ons are a non-intrusive way to show personalized offers to your visitors and to capture leads at just the right time. You can think of them as the low-key version of on-site personalization since they're easier to set up, require less planning, and bring results quickly.

However, sometimes even the best-timed add-on won't get your visitors over the finish line. In those cases creating a sense of urgency might do the trick. In fact, urgency is one of the best ways to boost your conversion rate. That’s because when our purchasing decisions are based on urgency, we automatically lean towards the “take action” route - the fear of missing out is just too strong. That's where Unless' countdown add-ons come in.

unless smart add on countdown timer To provide you with the right tools to boost your sales and conversions, Unless created a list of smart add-ons that contain a countdown timer.

While the general design and setup of a countdown add-on is no different from other smart add-ons (see: setup guide), there is one distinctive feature - the countdown.

Configuring the Countdown Timer

After setting up and styling your add-on, you can configure the countdown settings. Here, you can choose between two timer modes:

  • relative
  • absolute

unless smart add on countdown timer set time Under the settings tab "Countdown" you can choose what type of countdown you want to set up.

Relative Timer

The relative timer is customized for each visitor. You choose the length of the timer in hours and minutes.

The relative timer will begin the countdown as soon as the visitor hits the page. That means that each visitor will see a different countdown. This type of timer is ideal for incentivizing visitors in the short term, for example, show a discount coupon as soon the visitor added something to their shopping basket to get them to finish the checkout process.

Absolute Timer

The absolute timer looks the same to everyone who visits your site. You set the deadline, which is universal to every website visitor, for example, 48 hours. This type of timer is useful for promoting offers and events that end (or take place) at a fixed deadline, such as a sales campaign or the registration for a webinar.

There you have it, all there is to know about the magic of countdown timers!