How to set up, enrich, and export visitor lists

Learn how to use the Visitors Report to enrich your visitor lists and power personalizations across channels (including email).

Unless Insights

The Insights section of your Unless account is split into Performance and Visitors. The Performance report contains analytics data about your goals and audiences. The Visitors section is a record of everyone who has visited your website in the past 30 days.

Visitors Report

This report allows you to gain real-time, in-depth insights into who has visited your website over the past 30 days. Initially, a visitor is anonymous but through add-ons and the API, it can be enriched with email address and other identifying traits (read on to learn more).

unless visitors report overview Learn more about the people who viewed your website - anonymous or identified.


For each visitor, Unless creates a new profile that can be accessed by clicking on "Details". Here information is collected about first and returning visits (provided the user didn't delete their cookies).

A visitor profile contains:

  • Details: key facts about a person (e.g. location, first visit, last visit,...)
  • Last Visit: facts about their last visit (e.g. referrer, browser, weather,...)
  • Audiences: the audiences they are a member of (e.g. customer, trial user, frequent visitor,...)
  • Achievements: the goals they achieved (e.g. login, purchase, download,...)
  • Traits: any information you enrich via add-ons or the API (e.g. email address, name, gender,...)
  • Pages visited: a list of all pages they viewed

unless visitors report details page The details view contains all information Unless has collected about a visitor (click to enlarge).

Identified Visitors

To turn an anonymous visitor into an identified one, you have to collect the visitor's email address through one of Unless' email capture add-ons or the API.

Identifying visitors by their email address can be extremely valuable for two reasons. First, it allows you to further enrich the visitor data (either through Clearbit or the API). Secondly, you can export the collected data which in turn can power personalizations across different channels (e.g. email, remarketing, ads).

unless visitors report identified visitors A list of all visitors who have provided their email address through an email capture add-on called "Popup: Webinar Signup".

Enriched Visitors

As already mentioned, a visitor can be enriched with traits. Traits are unique to your setup and can contain any data points you choose to upload through the API. Additionally, visitor data can be enriched through the Clearbit integration.

unless visitors report visitors traits Example of a visitor enriched with Clearbit data (company, job title,...) and through the API (pricing plan, last purchase,...).

Visitor Export

The most powerful feature of the Visitors Report is the CSV export. It allows you to download a list of all visitor data making it the cornerstone of multi-channel personalization. Once you click on the "Export" button, Unless sends a request to its database and a few minutes later you will receive your export via email.

Use cases:

  • Enrich your CRM with data about prospects' on-site behavior so your sales team can better understand their interests.
  • Power your email marketing by uploading information about what content your readers consumed so you can send them more engaging newsletters.
  • Create targeted remarketing campaigns based on audience membership so you only remarket to visitors who are likely to convert.

Visitor Data & Audiences

All stored visitor data can be used to create audiences. This is especially powerful in regards to information about achievements and traits.

unless visitors report audiences based on traits You could, for example, create an audience for all visitors who downloaded your eBook and show them a personalization promoting the matching online course.