Is Unless the right tool for me? What can I (not) do with it?

Who is it for? What are the benefits? What are the features? Here's a quick introduction to Unless.

Who is Unless for?

  • Marketers (Inbound & Outbound)
  • Conversion Optimization Specialists
  • Digital Agencies

What can I do with Unless?

With Unless, you can add a layer of personalization to any website.

Main features:

  • Create personalizations (ie experiences) of your pages
  • Create add-ons (=bars, popups, side boxes,...)
  • Use the editor to swap out images, change CTAs, shuffle around page elements, edit content, and more
  • Set up audiences to define for whom to trigger which personalization(s)
  • Set up goals to track conversions and other key actions
  • Test, analyze, and optimize page experience

ClassTag Personalization Before After Example above: Unpersonalized homepage (left) vs. 3 x personalized homepage(right) - click to enlarge

To summarize: Unless is a tool that gives you control over a website's content. The goal is to show different versions of key pages (or the entire website) based on who the visitor is.

What are the benefits of using Unless?

By dynamically adjusting a site's content to the person viewing it, you can increase relevance.


  • higher conversion rate
  • improved user experience
  • optimized ROI

What you can not do with Unless:

  • Create entirely new pages → Unless is not a Page Builder or Visual Design Tool.
  • Use it to write and maintain a blog → Unless is not a Blogging Tool.
  • Use it for advanced split testing. Though Unless has A/B testing capabilities it's not a full-fledged A/B/n testing tool.