Is Unless the right tool for me?

What can I (not) do with it?

Who is it for? What are the benefits? What are the features? Here's a quick introduction to Unless.

Who is Unless for?

  • Marketers
  • Agencies
  • Affiliates

What can I do with Unless?

With Unless, you can add a layer of personalization to a website.

Main features:

  • Create variations (ie personalizations) of your pages
  • Use the editor to swap out images, change CTAs, shuffle around page elements, edit content, and more
  • Set up audiences to define for whom to trigger which personalization(s)
  • Analyze and optimize page experience
  • Set up goals to track conversions and other key actions

unless-before-and-after Example above: Original page (left) vs. personalized page (right)

To summarize: Unless is a tool that gives you control over a website's content. The goal is to show different versions of key pages (or the entire website) based on who's viewing.

What are the benefits of using Unless?

By dynamically adjusting a site's content to the person viewing it, you can increase relevance.


  • higher conversion rate
  • improved user experience
  • optimized ROI

How can I get started?

You can get started instantly without having to install a script first, simply sign up and add a website.
This setup is called preview mode and it's particularly useful if you want to familiarize yourself with the tool and just play around with it. You can also use it to give your colleagues or clients an idea of what you want to personalize before putting everything live.

What you can not do with Unless:

  • Create entirely new pages → Unless is not a Page Builder or Visual Design Tool.
  • Use it to write and maintain a blog → Unless is not a Blogging Tool.
  • Use it for advanced split testing. Though Unless has some A/B testing capabilities it's not a full-fledged A/B testing tool.
  • Limited use for eCommerce personalization → Unless is not a recommendation engine for personalized product suggestions. These solutions require a highly customized setup and are limited to our enterprise customers, please reach out to to learn more.