How to set up goals

Goals measure how often audiences complete a specific action. Learn how to set up and track your first goal.

Why should I use goals?

With goals, you can track how often each audience segment completes a specific action. The results help you understand and optimize your visitors experience.

Image 2018-08-16 at 4.18.17 PM The image above shows how three audiences perform for the goal "book a demo".

Examples of possible Goals

  • visitor bought product
  • visitor subscribed to newsletter
  • visitor downloaded PDF
  • visitor viewed pricing page

How to set up a goal

A goal can be triggered based on page viewed, also referred to as destination URL. To set up a goal, give it a name (e.g. "book a demo") and define the page path (e.g. demo/demo-booked-successfully). You can set the page path using the condition "contains" or "equals".


Using "contains" vs. "equals"

In general, we recommend using the option contains. It will ignore all URL parameters your website might add to the page path Example: demo/demo-booked-successfully?12345678.

If the URL parameters are important to destinguish different goals, use the option equals. Example: demo/demo-booked-successfully?demo-with-steve vs. demo/demo-booked-successfully?demo-with-john

Other goal types

Instead of tracking whether someone arrived on a specific URL, you can track actions (e.g button clicked). For this, you can use the script in the right column and add it to your website via Google Tag Manager or Javascript.


Option 1: Add a custom tag to Google Tag Manager

This option is recommended if you're familiar with tracking events via Google Tag Manager. You can either create a new Custom tag or add the script to an existing tag. goal unless 2

Option 2: Add goal script to your website using javascript

Ask your developer to add the goal script to your website.

Goals and audiences

Goals are tracked for all of your website visitors. On your Insights page, you can see how often a goal has been reached for each audience. The control group tracks how often visitors who haven't seen your personalizations achieved your goals. The control group can be set on a site-wide level (not separately for each goal). This assures that the visitor experience remains consistent (they either see personalizations or they don't).


Help! I can't set any goals.

Goals are only available to users with Unless version 5 or higher. If your website is running on an old version of the Unless script, go to and click on the upgrade button (the upgrade is free).