Personalizing multiple pages at once

Learn how to apply the same personalizations across multiple pages.

Ideas for multi-page personalizations

  • Hide the "Subscribe to newsletter" box across the website for all existing subscribers.
  • Display a phone number in your footer for visitors from the U.S.
  • Swap out the "call us" CTA in your navigation for a "request demo" CTA for all visitors who arrived from an ad campaign.
  • Display a "20% discount" overlay on all product pages for returning visitors.

How to create a multi-page personalization

1. Create a new personalization

Depending on your goal, you can choose between a Smart Add-on and an On-site Personalization.

2. Define your "multiple pages"

After giving your personalization a name, select the option "multiple pages" or "all pages".

If you chose multiple pages, you can use the rule builder to include or exclude certain pages for this personalization. Choose from options such as an exact match, starts with, ends with or contains depending on your use case.

If you chose all pages, you can simply move to the next step.

unless-multipage-applytopages Example: We created a multi-page personalization that will apply to all pages that contain help in the URL which equals to our Help Center pages.

3. Set a preview page

Although your personalization will be applied to multiple (or all) pages, you need to define a preview page. This page serves as a "template" for your multi-page personalization. It is the page that will load when you open the editor to style your personalization. Don't forget to select an audience as well.

unless-multipage-previewpage Example: We will use the page to edit our multi-page personalization.

4. Design your multi-page personalization

Finally, click on "save" and then "open personalization editor" to design your personalization. The new design will apply to all pages that match the rules you've set. To make sure everything works properly, remember to test all the pages affected by your personalization.