Suggested audiences

Our machine learning algorithms will perform a traffic analysis and will suggest the most relevant audiences for your website.

If you don’t want to use technical metrics to create audience membership conditions yourself, we offer “suggested audiences”. These audiences are composed by us, and directly available for use once they appear in your dashboard. They will contain members from the start, so you can use the audience immediately.

Default audiences

After you signed up, you will find these audiences in your active audience list by default.

  • Everyone
  • New visitors
  • Returning visitors
  • Visitors using a desktop device
  • Visitors using a mobile device

Suggested audiences

After just a short time (depending on your traffic volume), we start to auto-detect and suggest audiences for you. They come in two kinds: relevant and intuitive audiences.

Relevant audiences

We will suggest audiences based on relevance, using metrics like:

  • UTM campaign parameter
  • Country
  • Currency
  • Browser language
  • Referrer domain
  • And so on.

These audiences will automatically appear after they have become relevant: with a minimum number of members and if the segment size makes sense to personalize for. This typically happens if the audience is sizable, but not too big. We may surprise you with the results.

Intuitive audiences

Human metrics will allow you to segment your traffic like an intuitive sales rep: we will automatically group your visitors by the probability of visitor success, their attention span, their expected engagement or the likelihood that they will come back later. The first intuitive audiences are based on predicted customer success.

Depending on traffic and if you created at least one goal, black-box audiences will appear that will group visitors by the probability of conversion. These audiences contain your potentially most successful visitors - your hot leads. The audiences are based on machine learning patterns and will improve over time.

Depending on your goal type, you will see:

  • Most likely to become a lead
  • Most likely to sign up
  • Most likely to purchase
  • Most likely to add something to cart
  • Most likely to download a file
  • Most likely to install software
  • Most likely to complete a survey
  • Most likely to add a review
  • Most likely to view a key page
  • Most likely to reach a non-specific goal

You can use these audiences across your websites and across your goals. Different behavior for each of those will be applied by the algorithm automatically. Soon, we will also add “Least likely to…” audiences, so you can also decide what to do with your cold leads.