Personalize for organic and direct traffic

Learn how to personalize your website for organic and direct traffic.

Personalize for direct traffic

For this, use the condition Page Referrer. Next, set the trigger to "is empty" to target visitors who have come directly to your website.


Personalize for organic traffic

To cover organic traffic, also use the condition Page Referrer. Create one trigger per search engine. By using "contains" you can cover all domains (e.g., google, de, google, es,...)


Tips and best practices

  • Remember to correctly use the AND/OR function. For example: Your personalizations can target visitors from two cities but a user can only be in one city at a time. So, use the "OR" function to combine those triggers.
  • The triggers "is empty" and "is not empty" are particularly useful here to set up audiences that trigger if no (or any) parameter is set.
  • When applicable, try to use the "contains" trigger instead of "equals". This is especially true for triggers based parameters. For example, if you used "utmsource equals adwords" but the link is "mysite/?utmsource=adwords/", the personalization wouldn't trigger correctly. The / at the end of the link wouldn't be an exact match.