Set up an audience for direct and organic traffic

Learn how to create an audience for visitors who reach your website organically or as direct traffic.

Inspiration & ideas

  • Personalize for direct, returning traffic: Typically, your returning visitors will enter your website as direct traffic. There's no need to introduce them to your product as if they've never heard of it before. Instead, highlight new and improved features and focus on upselling them.
  • Personalize for direct, new traffic: If a visitor types your site's URL into the browser without having visited it ever before, someone referred them to your website. Personalize their experience by highlighting social proof, testimonials, and use cases.
  • Personalize for organic traffic: Which of your pages have high search ranks and get much traffic from search engines? While search engines no longer tell us a visitor's search query, we can make an assumption based on the page they landed on. Try to associate your most trafficked pages with user personas, and create a messaging that speaks more directly to search traffic.

Set up an audience for direct traffic

For this, use the condition Page Referrer. Next, set the trigger to "is empty" to target visitors who have come directly to your website.


Set up an audience for organic traffic

To cover organic traffic, also use the condition Page Referrer. Create one trigger per search engine. By using "contains" you can cover all domains (e.g.,,,...)