Personalize based on weather

Your conversion rate changes with weather? You sell more of a certain product when temperatures go up? Learn how to personalize for weather.

Ideas for weather-based audiences

  • Do you run an event promotion platform? To increase last-minute purchases, push festivals on sunny days and position indoor events more prominently on rainy ones. You can expect a conversion increase of 8-12% from this.
  • Many restaurants and bars offer weather-based discounts on their menu. Take it one step further and display special offers directly on the website. This will attract regular customers and it works great in combination with a social media campaign.
  • In fashion, impulse buying accounts for 40% of all purchasing decisions. Needless to say, weather-based discounts can strongly influence this number. Is it rainy in the UK? Show a 20% discount on your rain jackets for British customers. Most likely you'll not just see more raincoat sales but an overall increase in purchase value.


Targeting options for weather-based audiences

  • Current Weather: For this, we use a weather API that provides us with information about the current weather conditions based on a user's location. The API accesses weather data for over 200,000 cities and is frequently updated based on global models and data from more than 40,000 weather station. Using it, you can choose from a range of weather conditions - from clear day (= sunny) to snow.
  • Temperature: Type in the temperature you want to assign to trigger a specific variation. Remember: The scale is in Fahrenheit.


*With the above conditions we will target regions where it is currently snowing and it is cold enough for the snow to settle. *