Personalize based on time

Does your conversion rate change over the week/day? Want to prepare a special experience for certain occasions (e.g. Valentine's)? Learn how

Ideas for time-based personalizations

  • Fast delivery influences 89% of all purchasing decision. You offer next-day delivery for orders placed before 6pm? Let your visitors know by dynamically changing the headline based on time.
  • You display a phone number on your website but your team is not available 24/7? Hide the number during weekends and after office hours, and display a contact form instead. This way visitors can leave their contact information and you can call them back when you're at the office. This prevents frustration and increases leads by 20-30%.
  • Seasonal Branding: In eCommerce, a great way to stand out to consumers is to tie branding into seasonal events. However, most business only do this for big holidays, spending months on preparation. Through personalization you can standardize the process. This allows you to create small campaigns and to rotate your featured products better.

lulus seasonal example

The webshop Lulus takes full advantage of seasonal branding, regularly rotating the inventory featured on their homepage. Note how the navigation ties into it as well, offering white dresses and prom dresses, both popular April/May options.

Targeting options for time-based audiences

  • Time Window: Select a start and end time to trigger variations based on the localtime of your visitors.
  • Day of Week: Trigger the variation on a specific day of the week, during weekends, or weekdays.
  • Date Range: You can trigger variations on specific days or for a date range.