Design without coding

Change the design of any page, without accessing the code — just click to edit. Adjust content and call-to-actions, or swap out images. Delete, add, or move page elements and use JavaScript or CSS to make even more sophisticated changes.

Inject visitor data dynamically

Through dynamic parameters, you can easily personalize on a 1:1 level, generating a unique user experience for each visitor. Just like in a personalized email, each website experience will be unique.

Personalize the entire conversion funnel

Dive into full funnel personalization and optimize for every lifecycle stage - from first-time visitor, to lead, to retained customer. Show your visitors personalized content as they move from page to page and step by step, down your conversion funnel.

Frequently asked questions

Personalizing for location is very simple. You can either define a location-based audience and personalize en entire page or insert dynamic content using location variables.

This is an advanced feature. You can use it if you want the same personalization to be applied to multiple pages in a section of your website - or your entire website. It is very useful for personalizing the navigation bar or a page footer.

After signup, you will go through a discovery phase of a maximum of two weeks or 1M pageviews, whichever comes first. During discovery, we will analyse your website and report about its performance and opportunities. You will receive an advise on how to proceed and what the best plan is for you.

A personalization is a piece of content (text, image, or HTML) that has been specifically altered to match with the expectations of a certain audience. You can apply multiple personalizations to a web page, fo rmultiple audiences.

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