Built-in analytics

With our built-in analytics, you can monitor your KPIs, measure the results of your personalizations, and quickly take action. Measure how much value personalization adds to your website and share the data with your stakeholders.

Test against a control group

You are uncertain how personalization will affect your business? Set up a control group and test your personalization ideas against your original page. This way, you can make data-driven decisions and prove assumptions.

Get started quickly with Goal recipes

Once you signed up for Unless, we will propose a few common goals that will get you up and running quickly. For example, you can set up goals for customers who complete your sign up process, bought a product, or downloaded a file.

Frequently asked questions

Unless is not an A/B Testing tool per se. However, you can easily see how you are doing. We use control groups to measure the effect of your personalizations with respect to the goals that you have set. The results are shown in your dashboard.

Each audience is divided in participants and control group members. The control group members only see the original pages without personalized content. If participants do better than the control group, personalization works. We will show you this data in your dashboard.

In Unless, a goal is a visitor action that leads to a tangible business result - like sale, a download of a brochure, a newsletter signup or a simple button click. You need to set goals to be able to see how your personalizations are doing.

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