Connect your existing contacts

You can add your existing contacts such as leads and customers to Unless using one of our integrations or by manually importing them. For each imported contact, you will get a personalized link that you can then use in your email outreach which helps identify them the moment they land on the page.

Personalize based on contact data/information

When connecting your existing customer data to Unless, you can pass on various data points (also called "custom traits") alongside the contact name and email address. These custom traits can include the job title and industry of a lead or the loyalty card number and purchase categories of a customer which can all be used to hyper-personalize your pages for that individual visitor.

Create multi-touch ABM campaigns

If you are planning a multi-step campaign for an audience, we will now extend your outreach with personalized campaign pages for each step! Simply establish the page you want them to land on, and create an experience (or more) for each step of your campaign. Start your multi-touch outreach campaign with personal links for each lead to help identify them.

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Frequently asked questions

At the moment, Unless doesn't directly integrate with any email solutions. Using the email capture add-ons you can collect email addresses and use the export function to download them. Next, you can upload the data into any tool you'd like - any CRM, any ESP.

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