Data orchestration

By aggregating your existing data under a unified customer identity, you can offer a 1-on-1 personalized user journey, and enrich what you know about your customers.

Combine your analytics

Your Analytics data is important to you, so let's make it even better! We can augment your analystics data with unique data points, so you can analyze your data like you are used to - but with an improved data set. Check your favorite analytics software in our integration library to get started.

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Connect third party services

Your business systems - ranging from management to marketing automation to email outreach and so on - contain valuable data about visitors, leads, and customers. You can connect these tools and combine the available data for segmentation, optimization, and personalization. See all integrations here.

You may think of user data, pricing plans, billing and renewal dates, team members, upsell opportunities, loyalty cards, purchase history and more.


Use industry data

Discover the anonymous prospects that visit your website, with our integrations and segment them into audiences based on company name, size, industry. You can then use that information to personalize all your marketing and sales communication with those leads, providing an account specific experience.

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Profile API

In addition to our integration library, we also have an API available which your developers can use to send additional data points about visitors, audiences, and goals into Unless. These can be specific to your business and range from account sign-ups and customer plans, to product interest categories and purchase history.

"UNLESS was able to launch a service that is helpful to businesses all over the world and gives them a scalable solution with an almost infinite peak capacity."

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Frequently asked questions

Simply toggle the switch to activate the Google Analytics integration and we'll start sending data to the Google Analytics account associated with your website - no need for additional setup.

Yes! We integrate with many ESPs and CRMs. You can find the list here. If you need a different integration, you can always contact us.

No, not necessarily. We offer basic firmographic datapoints out-of-the-box, like company name and industry. However, if you need a more granular approach and additional things like contact email addresses, feel free to get an account at our partners, like Leadfeeder.