Automatically test everything you do

You can measure the impact of experiences you create using a site-wide control group. Visitors assigned to the control group will see the original, unchanged website. You will then be able to see how this group is performing in relation to the goals you have set in your account, compared to visitors that received a personalized experience.

Run simple micro A/B tests

In addition to the site-wide control group, you can also set-up quick and simple A/B tests. For example, this could apply when you change the text of a CTA button and want to measure the exact impact of that in relation to a goal.

Analyze your results

Unless will provide you with an overview of the user experience of your website along with calculations of the engagement, attention span and stickiness of your visitors and their lead score. Additionally, you can compare the performance of a personalized journey to a non-personalized one and get detailed performance results for your goals, audiences and experiences. All this helps you see what's going well and getting results, and what needs to be adjusted.

Simple multi-arm bandit testing

Did you ever get frustrated about experiments taking so long? You can now let your experiments run super fast starting with a 50/50 control group, reaching significance very quickly. When a significant and positive result is reached, the experiment will scale down the control group automatically - so more visitors will benefit.

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely. You can run split tests, A/B/n tests, validate continuously with a control group, and make use of micro A/B tests too. The results are shown in your dashboard, in relation to the goals you've set.

Whether a visitor is a member of the control is decided upon their first visit and saved in a cookie. Changing the control group %, changes how new visitors are distributed between control and participants. However, returning ones are not reassigned. The numbers will realign over time.

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