An intuitive audience builder

Instead of showing the same content to everyone, address your visitors with tailored messages. For this, you split visitors into segments using our audience builder. Create audiences based on location, behavior, data stored in your CRM or email service, and more.

Suggested audiences based on data

Tell us what your goals are and we will tell you which user groups convert best. Our machine learning algorithms will automatically segment your visitors into audiences and suggest for which groups you should personalize your site to maximize revenue.

Simple recipes to get you started

At first, understanding how to segment your visitors can be difficult. So, we created some easy-to-follow recipes that will get you started. For example, you can choose to create an audience based on location, time, traffic channel, or a specific ad campaign.

Frequently asked questions

With audiences, you can group website visitors based on their similarities (e.g. "Returning Visitors"). You could also think of audiences as your user personas. Once you have an audience, you can connect it to one (or multiple) personalizations.

As a European service provider, Unless is compliant with the European Union privacy laws, also known as GDPR.

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