Customer recognition

Recognize individual contacts, or use machine empathy to classify anonymous visitors into audience segments.

Target known prospects

Using our CRM integrations, you can import and combine everything you know about your prospects under a unified customer identity. If you create audiences based on these profile fields - industry, product interest, stage of the funnel, and more - known prospects will automatically join corresponding audiences. This enables you to show them highly specific content.


Segment anonymous visitors

The majority of your website visitors are anonymous, but this should not stop you from providing them with a relevant experience. With Unless, you can segment visitors based on 30+ targeting conditions, all allowing you to get a better picture of your visitors.

Examples include whether they are a returning visitor, their location, any actions they took on your website, the referral channel, any UTM parameters attached, and more.


Predict your audiences

At Unless, we use a machine learning algorithm to calculate and predict the engagement, attention span and stickiness of your visitors as well as their lead score, based on a number of data points.

Create audiences for "hot leads" to get more demos booked, or for "low attention span" visitors to keep them engaged longer with better suited content, and so much more.


Leverage industry data

Reveal the anonymous prospects that visit your website by company name, size, or industry. You can then use that information to personalize all your marketing and sales communication with those individual leads, providing an account specific experience.

firmographic audience

Self-segment your visitors

While there is a lot we can gather about visitors to provide them with a better experience, sometimes it's best to simply ask. You can set up a self-segmentation component so visitors can tell you what they want and need. It's an easy way to survey your visitors with a single question and to group them into audiences.

This allows you to personalize your content, explain your product from their perspective, and highlight the right features and actions based on their response.

"As a marketplace, it can be hard to address both the supply and demand with the right message at once. With UNLESS, we were able to optimize the experience of renters as well as landlords. As a result, we saw a significant uplift in conversions and transactions!"
RUBEN ELIAS, CRO Specialist at Kamernet

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Frequently asked questions

With audiences, you can group website visitors based on their similarities (e.g. "Returning Visitors"). You could also think of audiences as your user personas. Once you have an audience, you can connect it to one (or multiple) personalizations.

The self-segmenting components ask your website visitor to which audience they belong. Once they make their choice, the visitor becomes a member of that audience. Very useful for websites with a clear segmentation in mind!

No, not necessarily. We offer basic firmographic datapoints out-of-the-box, like company name and industry. However, if you need a more granular approach and additional things like contact email addresses, feel free to get an account at our partners, like Leadfeeder.