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Data locations

The information that is required for operating the service is distributed globally. Pseudonymized visitor data is stored separately.

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At Unless, we keep data in two different databases.

Live service

To ensure the speed of the live service anywhere in the world, all customer account data that is required for segmentation and personalization of websites is served from DynamoDb, the giant data store of Amazon Web Services.

This database is optimized for performance and reliability. It is used to support our live operation only - this means that it contains data surrounding the audiences of a website and its personalized content. By default, these data points are distributed to Europe and the West of the US, as well as an additional cluster in the East of the US.

Pseudonymized visitor data

Visitor data is kept in Europe only, using Redshift, a data warehouse cluster. By default, the data is pseudonymized. This means that there are no recognizable elements that could lead to your identity directly.

Visitor identifiers

Sometimes, a customer (owning a website) uses the Unless service to cater to identified visitors - for example to show relevant content to users who are logged in or who submit their email address voluntarily.

If this results in visitor to be identified in Unless as well, identifiable data points (email address and name, if applicable) are stored in a separate DynamoDb table that is located in Europe only.

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Friendly support from real people

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