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New pricing plans at Unless

The pricing plans for our personalization platform recently changed. CEO Sander explains why this was necessary and what it means for you.

Why the price change?

Let me first talk about prices. We have been adding features for a long time without monetizing them. So… we increased the prices a bit. Don’t worry, we made sure it is still a fair value exchange. However, we also changed the structure of the pricing plans fundamentally. That may require a little more explanation.

Okay - so why the plan structure change?

Previously, Unless plans were limited by a maximum number of “personalized impressions”. An impression happens when somebody sees a personalized text or image while viewing a web page. Unfortunately, impression numbers add up quickly. The reason is that multiple personalizations can fire while a visitor views just a single web page.

And… Going over the impression limit used to cost money. It worked like this. While our plans allowed for adding unlimited domains (“websites”), the number of total personalized impressions was calculated for all of your websites combined. So, the limit was easily reached. In that case, additional impressions had to be paid for.

This concept was not only quite hard to explain, we also noticed that a lot of our customers had trouble predicting their required number of impressions. It lead to unexpected bills for many people and effectively meant that "unlimited websites" came with hidden costs. In short, our customers told us that while they loved the product, the pricing was too complex and unpredictable. This hurt them and consequently our business.

We listened and fixed it in the new plans.

What did we change?

For simplicity’s sake, we decided to no longer limit impressions and personalizations. The upgrade path is now defined by feature set and the number of domains instead. And yes, that means that subdomains do not count, as long as they are subs of one of your main domains.

Based on those ideas, we implemented the following pricing plans.


The Starter plan is for companies who are just exploring their first steps towards personalization. You can use add-ons (bars, pop-ups and so on) to personalize your web pages.


The Business plan is for... medium-sized businesses. It lets you use most of our personalization techniques for your entire funnel. It contains most features, except the ones that work only with a lot of traffic - like machine learning predictions.


With the Premium plan, you can use the whole Unless universe. Use all of our personalization tricks, including access to firmographic data, CRM integration, and a dedicated account manager. It comes with an SLA for uptime, reserved capacity and support, so if you are big and you know it, this is your plan. The best thing: all machine learning predictions will be enabled.

See all pricing details here.

What does that mean for existing customers?

Existing customers are upgraded automatically into the new plans, according to their previous plan level. The customers who had a Professional plan can keep it without additional charge.

The future

All the plans will benefit from future feature upgrades, like always. Examples are the upcoming predictions and automation features.

We can’t promise that we will never change our plans again, though. We probably will. Our service evolves and changes, and so does our business model. However, we can promise that we will always do our best to make Unless an even better deal than before.

Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading,