Unless in under 60 seconds

The attention span of people on the internet is very low. Learn in under 60 seconds how to fix that with Unless.

Unless in under 60 seconds

Video transcript

Hi, I am Sander, CEO at Unless.com.

I am here to solve a big issue. On the internet, the attention span of your customers is VERY short. So, it shouldn't surprise you that the average conversion rate of websites sits at about 1.5 percent. Out of every 100 website visitors, only 2 will do what you want them to do. That means that the internet is SUPER inefficient.

But there is a way to fix that. Face-to-face, sales reps convert WAY more people into customers than your website does. But how? Because they are human, sales people can adapt their story to their prospects - basically, they change their sales pitch depending on their audience.

Now, your website can do exactly the same - because Unless provides a personalization service for websites. Our plug-in service lets your existing website dynamically adapt itself to its visitors, like a human would. The result: a much better conversion rate.

So, if you want to turn more people into customers, please come to Unless.com and make your website respond like a human!