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A selection of items that were published on third party news outlets.


  • Podcast: Sander Nagtegaal (Unless) about the role of the CEO, team building and fundraising, Marketingfacts, June 2019 (recorded in winter 2018/2019),
  • How We Raised $300K By Inventing a New Funding Technique, Product Hunt, May 2019,
  • HelloMasters Podcast Episode 003: Collider, SwipeGuide, Unless, Holler – Startup Founders, HelloMaas, April 2019,
  • Anonymous website visitors: Using algorithms to predict who they are and what they want, round table session at TheNextWeb (fully booked), May 2019
  • Personalized marketing will be huge in 2019, TheNextWeb, March, 2019,
  • Oracle Curiocity Podcast - Serverless Computing, Oracle on Soundcloud, March 2019 (recorded in their studio in the Oracle HQ in Amsterdam, and broadcast to all Oracle personnel globally).


  • Unless scoort Computable Awards nominatie met machine learning - Computable, June 2019,
  • Algoritme ontmoedigt mensen die vaak iets terugsturen naar een winkel, Financieele Dagblad, January 2019,
  • Sander Nagtegaal over Unless, Nederlands MediaNetwerk TV, November 2018,
  • Startup uitgelicht: Unless, Computable, November 2018,
  • Dialogues IV: ik wil websites laten communiceren als mensen, Tripolis, October 2018,
  • Meer conversie door gepersonaliseerde content, Financieele Dagblad, September 2018 (with the infamous photograph),
  • Waarom praten websites niet?, Marketingfacts, July 2018,
  • Websites afstemmen op bezoeker, Telegraaf, June 2018,
  • Waarom de oprichter van Unless na een heftig ongeluk websites persoonlijk wil maken, Sprout, June 2018,
  • Weg met de servers, BNR Nieuwsradio (radio interview) / Financieele Dagblad (article), January 2018.