Scratching our own itch

Our history

In 2016, Unless started off as The service was built as a side project, to allow for inline content management in complex websites. Its entirely serverless technology became quite famous, because of the new Lambda cloud technology.

Not everybody appreciated our pun to the old Teletext technology, though. After graduating from the Rockstart accelerator, we renamed to "Instant" in October 2016, to prevent potential trademark infringement cases.

New value proposition

Early 2017, we noticed that some customers were using our service to create concurrent versions of their web pages, tailored to different customer segments. This personalization approach greatly increased their conversion rates.

We thought this was a fantastic idea and rebuilt the product to become Unless, the personalization engine for websites that it is today.

Founding team

Sander Nagtegaal / CEO

Before co-founding Unless, Sander was mostly known for his roles as CTO at healthcare startup myTomorrows, co-founder of publisher platform Peecho, CTO at Sumis and Chief Architect at Albumprinter (now Albelli).

He lives on an old ship in the city center of Amsterdam. In his spare time, Sander teaches a weekly kung fu class - but he is probably happiest when covered in mud during an obstacle course race.

Marcel Panse / CTO

As a CTO and co-founder, Marcel leverages his experience as Chief Architect and lead developer at Peecho and several other start-ups like Albumprinter and myTomorrows.

When he doesn't try to solve complex problems with elegant solutions, he plays a fine game of badminton or spends time with his family.

Yvonne Koleczek / CMO

Before making Unless look cool, Yvonne was marketing manager in the publishing world and growth hacker at myTomorrows.

Rogier Trimpe / CCO

The latest addition to the management team, Rogier used to be a business developer at Optimizely and founded Interactly.

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