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Understanding between man and machine


The company was started by Sander Nagtegaal and Marcel Panse in 2016, with a mission that is inspired by a personal tragedy.

Sander is known to be an avid martial artist. About 4 years earlier, a severe accident happened in a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training session, resulting in a stroke that left him without the ability to speak for months. He avoided human contact and focused on computers entirely, discovering the limitations of digital communication from a unique perspective.

This ordeal made the two friends decide to devote their next startup entirely to improving the understanding between people and their technology.

Vision improves the understanding between man and machine, offering services that adapt digital communication to match the state of mind of individual people. Its real-time personalization platform lets you tailor your website messaging to each unique visitor.

Only one year old, the Unless platform now caters to over 6000 websites. Considering the multi-billion dollar, growing market for personalization, this is only the beginning.

And it does not stop here. Unless is now aiming at fully automated personalization, leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence for a contextualized website response across the entire customer journey.

Founding team

Sander Nagtegaal / CEO

Before co-founding Unless, Sander was CTO at myTomorrows (Balderton Capital, EQT Ventures, Sofinnova), co-founder and CTO of Peecho (Peak Capital), CTO at Sumis (acquired) and Chief Architect at Albumprinter (acquired).

He lives on an old ship in Amsterdam, teaches a weekly kung fu class and is a competitive obstacle racer.

Marcel Panse / CTO

As a CTO and co-founder, Marcel leverages his experience as Chief Architect and lead developer at Peecho and several other start-ups like Albumprinter and myTomorrows.

When he doesn't try to solve complex problems with elegant solutions, he loves to climb rocks or spend time with his family.

Yvonne Koleczek / CMO

Before making Unless look cool, Yvonne was marketing manager in the publishing world and growth hacker at myTomorrows.

Rogier Trimpe / CCO

The latest addition to the management team, Rogier used to be a business developer at Optimizely and founded Interactly.

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